The Forest of Ebonshire

'Tis the eve of the Winter Solstice. On this night when peace and goodwill abound, a tranquil calm settles over the Earth. As snowflakes drift from the heavens, a strange magic fills the air, stirring distant memories.'Tis a night of undiscovered dreams, but also a night to remember ghosts of the past. For on this night, lost souls wander and roam the frozen land in search of salvation. They reach out to the living to implore them to change their ways while they still can. One such spirit is said to haunt the cathedral ruins at the edge of the Ebonshire Forest, but only appears one night each year-on this, the longest night. The spirit appears in the form of an angel clad in black and carrying a sword and shield. 'Tis said that those who hear his whispered words are forever changed and are spared his lonely fate of eternal solitude. For his is a tale of dreams, hope, redemption, and the wondrous spirit of the season. Hear ye now the tale of the Winter's Knight.

Winter's Knight by Joseph Vargo

Alone at tranquil twilight,
A distant churchbell tolls,
The wind forms a ghostly choir
To summon lost and wayward souls—
Snow drifts down from the heavens,
Like ghosts lost in the night—
Ice crystals cling to trees,
To set the woods aglow with light—

Along a forgotten forest path,
There stands an arch of ancient stone—
And amidst the hallowed ruins,
A solemn figure stands alone—
Snow comes to rest on raven's wings,
Covering black quills in ivory white—
And peace settles upon the earth
Beneath the ebon shroud of Winter's Knight—

Ghosts from my faded youth
Return from long ago—
Lost dreams and memories
Surround me with the falling snow—
Then in the sky above me
One shining star looms bringht,
I close my eyes in wonder
And cast a winter's wish into the night—

And I wish you were here with me
To share the magic of this night—
In this enchanted realm
Of raven black and ivory white—
This world is full of wonders,
Yet so few realize
That dreams can either slip away
or come to life before our eyes—

Winter's Knight - a poem by John Rossi

Eternal solitary vigil, my sentence to serve
This do I keep, as spectral guardian
Of locale too long shrouded, clad within mist and memory
Rarely beheld by mortal eyes
Appearing once per year to caution, to relate the tale
Of my own fate

From greyest clouds above descending, I come to stand
Setting foot once more upon beloved soil
Ebonshire, my adored sanctuary, treasured above all others
To cast tenderest glance once more upon you
And implore your sons and daughters
Beware meeting my own fate
For this alone have I come again, as I always will
Until this land is never more beholden of human eyes

Brisk wind soothing me, as lover's caress once did
Snow cascading from the heavens, tiny frigid ivory floral petals
Descending as a blanket to cloak the earth in pristine peace
And shroud beloved glens in splendid radiance.

Yuletide memories come and gone
Drift across my mind, leaves upon the breeze
Ripples in the water of my memory, spreading ever out
Upon past solstices, tread these paths did I
Hand in hand, alongside the treasure of my heart
Alas no more can it be so

Fate is set, decree etched in the winds
Graven as an epitaph is in stone
No more can I find joy
Among my beloved home's children
Only implore them I may,
That shadow which blankets me
Falls not down anon to cloak their dear and treasured hearts

Heed my call beloved ones
Count always blessings given
Take them not for granted
Treasure life, joy and love bestowed
And so avoid my fate of eternal solitude
Always will I relate my tale, and do all that I may to ensure
That none other among you must needs take upon themselves
My everlasting melancholy post... of Winter's Knight