The Realm of Fable

Fairy Tale

Welcome children, gather 'round,
To heed grim tales of whispered lore—
As twilight falls, dark shadows rise
To haunt the night for evermore—
For ghastly things lurk in the dim,
Beneath the shadows of your bed—
Waiting till you drift asleep
To fill your dreams with mortal dread—
Venture deep into the twilight,
And awaken far from home—
Beyond the mists of Shadow Forest,
Where ancient Sylvan Spirits roam—
Within this dark, enchanted land,
Beasts of legend dwell and thrive—
For in the haunted Realm of Fable,
Dreams and nightmares come alive—


An evil spell enshrouds the land
In shadows, woe and misery—
And in the distant castle tower,
The Queen of Darkness laughs with glee—
And all the denizens of the forest
Suffer beneath this vile curse—
For deep within these haunted woods
Lurk ghosts and ghouls,
and things far worse—
Red eyes glow all 'round the hollow
As night wraiths creep and lie in wait—
To prey upon the lost and weary
And send them to a grisly fate—
For goblins prowl like hungry wolves
And storm clouds blot the moon's pale light,
Beneath the wicked Witch Queen's spell
Of darkness, gloom and endless night—

Fairy Forest

Down a long-forgotten path,
Woodland nymphs and fairies dwell
Within a secret sanctuary,
Untouched by Queen Sinistra's spell—
The mystic Labyrinth of Dreams
Lies beyond their ancient gate,
And deep within this endless maze,
A hidden treasure lies in wait—
For at the very heart and center,
Lies the fabled crystal key—
But all who dare to seek this prize
Are lost for all eternity—
This hidden key must be retrieved
To break the spell of endless gloom—
Yet none who enter have returned
From deep within this maze of doom—

Crone's Caverns

The pathway home is filled with peril,
In this unending midnight hour—
From the bleak depths of Crone's Caverns,
To the looming Witch's Tower—
Seek the heights of the Black Spires,
Beyond Lake Mordred's distant shore
For therein lies a secret chamber
That hides a long-forgotten door—
Grim reflections mask the gateway,
But no dark magic can withstand
The power of the crystal key,
When wielded by a mortal hand—
Venture through the looking glass,
Then shatter the enchanted key—
To break the spell and lift the curse,
And set the Realm of Fable free—