Grimstone Manor

An old skeleton key unlocks the entrance and the front door slowly creaks open to reveal a majestic Gothic hall, shrouded beneath shadows and cobwebs. Forgotten by time, the mansion stirs melancholy memories from long ago. A whisper draws you to the grand staircase and up its dusty steps.

You follow the ghostly voice to the nursery where an old doll house sits upon a central table. The house is an exact replica of the mansion, and a lone doll stands before the front door. Its tiny hands hold a miniature skeleton key. Other dolls line the shelves watching you with eyes that glisten in the darkness. Their porcelain faces, cracked and weathered by time, seem remotely familiar.

A haunting melody rings in your head as you remember this room from your youth. The ghostly voice of a child echoes around you, reciting a sinister verse.

The Others that once lived here all died long ago—
Their ghosts now haunt the shadows in the ancient crypts below—
Once their cold hands touch you, your heart will turn to stone,
But if you learn my secret, they'll all leave you alone—

A stack of toy blocks tumbles to the floor, forming a scrambled message, inviting you to play and challenging you to resolve the strange puzzle.

You resume your exploration of the mansion and return to the main floor. In the portrait gallery, grim faces of your long-dead ancestors stare out from faded paintings, watching you as you pass by. Thunder echoes throughout the manor and as lightning flashes through the room, the paintings seem to come alive. Ghostly forms emerge from each portrait, reaching out to grasp you with skeletal hands.

Beyond a curtain of blood red velvet there stands an ornate locked gate. Strange howls and cries can be heard from somewhere beyond. Your key turns in the lock and the gate opens with the squeal of rusted hinges, revealing a stone staircase that spirals down into shadows. You descend into the forbidden depths below the manor to discover what waits in the darkness. A distant bell tolls the witching hour as you accept your dark heritage.

Far below the mansion, you discover the Grimstone burial crypt. The names of your long-dead ancestors are graven into stone tombs lining the walls. Misty forms rise from the surrounding shadows, encircling you and blocking your escape. You recognize the withered faces of your ancestors, their eyes hollow, their mouths gaping wide. As they drift slowly closer, they reach toward you, threatening to claim you in their icy grasp.

Only one thing can spare you from the fate of the Others.
What is the secret of the toy blocks?