Darklore Manor Lyrics


Along a dark forsaken road,
There stands a stark and grim abode—
An old manor house looms black and tall
To cast a grave and deathly pall

Beyond the ancient wrought-iron gate,
A thousand nightmares lie in wait—
For dark things dwell in this house of fear,
And none but the dead dare trespass here—

Nursery Rhyme

Sandman, come to me tonight,
Comfort me till morning light—
As darkness falls and shadows loom,
I bid you welcome to my room—
Rest your bones beside my bed,
Lay your hands upon my head—
Cast your spell of slumber deep,
And stay beside me as I sleep—
If I should die before I wake,
I grant to you my soul to take—


Ghostly whispers fill the air,
Chanting omens to beware—
Shadows stir in candlelight,
Then rise to prowl the dead of night—
Spirits lurk within these walls
And wander these unhallowed halls,
Cursed to haunt this dark domain,
Where mortal woe and sorrow reign—


Ab Aeterno,
Ad limina Mortem et extra,
Abyssus Abyssum invocat—
E tenebris,
Veteris vestigia flammae ardere denuo—
Iure Sanguinis,
Mors tua, vita mea aeternum—
Terra es, terram ibis—
Ecce quomodo Moritur,
Hoc sustinate Damnosa hereditas—

Incantation Translation

From the beginning of Time,
To the threshold of Death, and beyond,
Hell calls upon Hell—
Out of the darkness,
Remnants of an ancient flame burn anew—
By the rite of Blood,
You must die, so that I may live eternally—
You are dust, you shall return to dust—
Behold the way of Death,
And endure the inheritance of the Damned—

Latin Inscription on Wall

Facilis descencus Averno.
Qui non vetat peccare, cum possit, iubet.
Sine cruce, sine luce, nihil interit.
Pulvis et umbra sumus.

Wall Translation

The descent to Hell is effortless.
He who does not forbid sin commands it.
Without the cross, without the light, nothing dies.
We are but dust and shadows.