Carnival of Lost Souls

Explore an old-fashioned traveling carnival that harbors living nightmares and sinister secrets.

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Music by Joseph Vargo and William Piotrowski.
Label: Monolith Graphics
21 tracks. 63 mins.
UPC: 808817001421
Release Date: 06-06-2006

Step this way... There's no turning back.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the circus of the strange, the sideshow of the sinister and the theater of the bizarre. Cast your eyes upon the cruel oddities of nature and behold monstrous creatures from the depths of the abyss. Hear the dark wisdom of the old gypsy soothsayer as she foretells of things yet to come, and marvel with awe and dismay at unbelievable death-defying acts that teeter on the very brink of doom. Leave the mundane world behind, for those who visit this festival of phantasms are never the same again. Step this way... there's no turning back.
        Nox Arcana takes listeners inside an old-fashioned traveling circus, in the tradition of Bradbury's "Something Wicked This Way Comes." As the Circus Diabolique rises from the shadows on Halloween night every one-hundred years, the true faces of its diabolical denizens are unmasked. Carnival of Lost Souls delivers the Greatest Show On Earth with dark orchestrations and eerie melodies, haunting calliope, piano, pipe organ, ghostly choirs and sinister voices that echo from the shadows.

Press Reviews

Carnival of Lost Souls Best Album of All Time

In 2017, Nox Arcana's Carnival Of Lost Souls ranked on MSN at #101 for Best Album of All Time. Nox Arcana shares the spotlight with The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, and The Ramones.

Carnival of Lost Souls 5

Carnival of Lost Souls is The Greatest Show on Earth. An absolutely enchanting opus; besides the brilliant orchestrations, this album manages to conjure the underlying sensation of a Magical world you will never want to leave.

Carnival of Lost Souls 5

Carnival of Lost Souls is one of the boldest moves Nox Arcana has made to date. Overall, this CD shows off Nox Arcana's skill and musicianship with a large breadth of composition set within a very challenging setting. This isn't a CD about scary clowns with bad makeup and evil flamethrowers; this is music that tells the story of the frightened child within all of us, swept away by the Carnival of Lost Souls.

Carnival of Lost Souls

Nox Arcana give us that great gothic atmosphere that just seeps out from the speakers. It's almost like you're actually traveling with this carnival throughout the country. Each musical piece gives us images of this dark and brooding carnival, one that you wouldn't want to be at alone at night.

Carnival of Lost Souls 5

By the pricking of my thumbs... I am fondly reminded of the Ray Bradbury classic "Something Wicked This Way Comes." Carnival of Lost Souls is by far Nox Arcana's sexiest cd to date—a celebration of the seduction and allure of the carnival.
      The mystique of drifters traveling from town to town with their strange collection of secrets. This brethren of the macabre, from the midway carnies to the freakshow performers; for a brief time they cast their spell, enchant and seduce us, and then they're gone.
     The unrelenting drums of "Soul Stealer" puts to music hidden desires and unbridled passion. "Harlequin's Lament" is hypnotically hot, as is the exotic and provocative "Snake Charmer." With "Haunted Carousel" I was reminded of a ballroom, of figures in black lace and crimson velvet. "Nightmare Parade" captures the beauty of the dark side. making you desire to dance with the shadows and be part of their ghostly entourage. "Spellbound" is a little treat for any of you who love the crackling of old records played on an old Victrola.
      And speaking of SPELLBOUND!! What a treat at the end of the album to hear a REAL metal song for us Old Schoolers! I admit, I did shed a tear. I think Nox Arcana should do this at the end of all their albums, but I am just being very biased to my decade of choice. Each song is as perfect as the last, from start to finish.
     Let's talk about Vargo's art. We all know what a genius he is. I was seriously considering getting the evil jester image on the back cover as a tattoo. The green motif is superb and I still pray at night that in my next life I will be the lady riding the haunted carousel on the insert.

Carnival of Lost Souls

A quality soundtrack that no one with any love of Halloween or dark fantasy whatsoever should be without. I can imagine wandering through an amusement park maze, a carnival after hours, or haunted house. Think Tim Burton meets Dario Argento. I think it's rather challenging to create a theme album and not sound cheesy but somehow these two professional music composers, Joseph Vargo and William Piotrowski, managed it.

Carnival of Lost Souls

Deeply mesmerizing, very entertaining, and technically brilliant. Nox Arcana knows how to make the Dark Side fun.

Carnival of Lost Souls

As always Nox Arcana delivers the best.

Carnival of Lost Souls

In every Nox Arcana release we're taken to a new place and another dark world. In Carnival of Lost Souls we visit a spooky, "Something Wicked This Way Comes" style fairgrounds.

Carnival of Lost Souls

I highly recommend Nox Arcana's Carnival of Lost Souls to fans of dark orchestral music. It's one of my top favorites of 2006!

Carnival of Lost Souls

Another first rate collection of creepy symphonic music from Nox Arcana as I suspect best exemplified by "Storm" an 11:28 epic of nasty proportions. Most of the rest of the tracks are under 3 minutes; ie perfect for incidental music in any soundtrack.
     The common theme throughout the CD's 21 tracks is the Circus Diabolique, a carnival which only returns once every century. Needless to say if you are already a fan, this is essential. If you consider yourself a fan of symphonic soundtrack music of the creepy kind, then this is a good place to start with the band.

Carnival of Lost Souls 5

Carnival of the Lost Souls is the ultimate soundtrack for all nightmarish visions. When you are listening this material you will imagine the most wicked parade of skeletons dancing in the circles, diabolical masquerades, evil witches on the pale horses and other creepy and most unlikely creatures around.

Carnival of Lost Souls Editor's #1 pick  10/10

Be careful when the Circus Diabolique gives a guest performance in your town. As nightfalls the once-festive midway exudes an eerie sense of menace. Pale green lights eminate from somewhere in the distance, and the murmor of voices mixed up with ghostly music drifts over the site. As well as other more unsettling sounds. Dark rumours of missing children and drifters have followed the carnival from town to town and though they are well aware of the dangers of trespassing there, they cannot resist the temptation to explore the circus grounds after dark. With their new work, Carnival Of Lost Souls, Nox Arcana know yet again how to summon another creepy concept. It's always a surprise how they translate the topic into music. As they used gothic choirs and vampiresque sounds on their previous release Transylvania, they're now using midway melodies on "Carnival Of Lost Souls." Barrel-organ, tambourine, chimes, piano, spinet but also diabolical laughter or childish tittering mix to a dark, malicious, very beautiful poem. On the whole the music captures you, your thoughts drift to that old-time, creepy midway, with attractions like the fortune-teller Madame Endora, the hall of mirrors, the haunted carousel, the living dolls, the snake charmer, the freaks and the more bizarre and odd things. Standout tracks are "Harlequin's Lament," which enchanted me with very beautiful, melancholic, dreamy piano, reminded me a bit of Dimmu Borgirs "Sorgens Kammer" from the Stormblast album, "Madame Endora," my flesh began to creep 'coz of the evil voice, "Nightmare Parade," the chimes, the organ and the fantastic choir mix to a great atmosphere. But also "Cries In The Night," which is very tender but is atmospherically very fitting, "Soul Stealer," which is exceedingly dramatic, "Lost In The Darkness," where you can hear a spinet, but especially the whispered choir I like a lot and "Circus Diabolique," which brings the concept of this work to the point.
     Ringmasters Joseph Vargo and William Piotrowski have yet again released an excellent piece of work with Carnival Of Lost Souls, that grips you by the throat and doesn't let you go, with nightmarish, diabolical, sinister, chilling sounds and haunting melodies. Are you willing to overcome your fear to go and pay a visit to the Circus Diabolique?

Carnival of Lost Souls

For those familiar with atmospheric horror music, the name Joseph Vargo might ring a bell, after all he was the mastermind behind the Midnight Syndicate album Born Of The Night. For the last few years, however, he has been working alongside William Piotrowski as Nox Arcana, and creating beautiful soundscapes to haunt your mind and home. They have released five albums over the past three years, a feat lots of bands could never pull off, and have truly created a niche for themselves with their brand of conceptual horror soundtrack featuring everything from deep orchestral pieces to hair-raising sound effects, effortlessly blended together to draw the listener into whichever world they wish, be it a haunted Victorian mansion, a Gothic Winter wonderland, Bram Stoker's Dracula, or HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos. This time around though we are given a ticket, paid in full, that allows us entrance into the Carnival of Lost Souls.
     We begin or journey with the opening track "Ghosts Of The Midway," which ushers us into the scariest carnival this side of the afterlife, the Circus Diabolique. All of the attractions are here, the "Haunted Carousel," "Hall Of Mirrors," "Freaks," and even "Madame Endora" the fortune-teller. The album deftly leads us through each part of the midway, offering glimpses of what lies in store for you inside of each tent. Some contain magic, "Spellbound," some contain terror, "Nightmare Parade," but all of the songs are masterful arrangements that drag you deeper into the mythology Nox Arcana has created. You are so engulfed in your excursion through the Circus Diabolique that time will fly by, leaving you no choice but to cash in your ticket once more and begin your trip down the grounds of the circus again.
     This is a fantastic album, creating a nightmare world, which this reviewer didn't want to leave. I highly recommend all of Nox Arcana's aural horrors, and Carnival of Lost Souls is no exception. As fans of fright will quickly see these ghouls know how to create unearthly terror deep in the minds eye. So, what are you waiting for, enter the realm of Circus Diabolique, that is if you dare!

Carnival of Lost Souls

Nox Arcana with their cd Carnival of Lost Souls evokes the carnival as a place of wickedness and danger. Released appropriately on 6-6-6, the album is mostly instrumental music of the horror goth variety with sound effects and a chorus of voices to create a haunting, ghostly journey perfect for haunted houses or Halloween parties.
      The album opens with a collage of sounds on "Ghosts of the Midway," with the crowds shuffling, the calliope in the distance, and underneath it all, a deep drone like something dark pervading the fun-seeking crowds. The ringmaster begins shouting a welcome but gives warning as well of dark wonders that may threaten. In "After Hours," the crowds have gone home and the listener is left alone to see what goes on in the carnival after dark. Spectral laughter cackles from here and there, and a creepy voice implores the listener to "follow me." Then on "Harlequin’s Lament" a sad piano refrain is joined by the "Gregorian Shadow Choir" that sings on many of the album’s tunes. This is the central style of Nox Arcana’s music: a mournful piano and a funerary chorale. This gives the album a uniform quality ideal for background music, but each song also adds individual sound effects and other variations to keep things interesting.
      The piece "Calliope" of course features that instrument, a particularly wheezy version like the old steam-powered style. This calliope then comes and goes throughout the album like a theme revisited. The thundering tympani on "Nightmare Parade" also reappear in other pieces like "Circus Diabolique" and "The Devil’s Daggers" to create a sound like apocalyptic horses charging, such as Basil Poledouris achieved in his Conan soundtrack. Quite different are the several pieces that use a delicate and slightly warped music box sound as on "Living Dolls" which gives a feeling more like Goblin’s work on Suspiria. The piece "Snake Charmer" uses a melody and beat evocative of Middle Eastern music. And on several pieces, the chorus rises to epic heights giving a feeling like Carl Orff’s O Fortuna.
     A still more unique piece is "Spellbound" which begins with a sound as though it is being played through a crackling old Victrola. Mournful strings play and a voice begins to sing. The song is very brief, almost a fragment. But on the last track of the album, the song returns after a long pause as a hidden extra. In this version, the song is a full-blown goth rock number with Jim Hamar singing like a glam-era Bowie and guitarist Jeff Endemann providing solid metal riffs. On the last listed track, "Storm," the ringmaster bids us farewell and the fortune teller lets us know that we only got away this time and that we are still doomed by fate. It’s a classic Hollywood touch that serves well as the end of this cinematic night trip through this diabolical carnival.

Carnival of Lost Souls

Think back to a time when effort and pride were put into the everyday items around your home. Think back to a time when class and elegance were much more then pretty words. Think back to an arcane time when the occult was feared and revered, and the paranormal was much more then just a silly late night TV show. To those who see the picture I am painting I have the perfect sound track to weave your life into an endless spook show. Nox Arcana have graced us with a new work of devilishly dark atmosphere. The name of the album is called "Carnival of Lost Souls" and if you are me and think highly of Carnival's in the late 1800's as a bit magical and spooky then this will be a treat.
      A bit of back story behind Nox Arcana first of all. Joseph Vargo has had his little hands in about all of the major spook art on TV over the past 10 years or so. He was also part of Midnight Syndicate, doing production and the occasional vocal track. In 2002, he formed Nox Arcana with fellow musician William Piotrowski. Needless to say the work of Nox Arcana is as good, if not better, then Midnight Syndicate. Now back to the new album.
      Carnival of Lost Souls
is definitely a bit of old hat for Nox Arcana, but adds in that bizarrely twisted carnival feel. A bit of organ and a dash of harpsichord flair each movement into an (non)living entity. Parts of this album take me to a haunted carousel and other parts take me to the freak show. Others remind me of the house of mirrors to which you will find more then your own reflection. Still other parts of this album make one think they are being followed by a very unhappy specter. The main thing one must keep in mind about a Nox Arcana album is that the songs or movements are not done justice by themselves. The music is a must to listen to all the way through. This particular album flows hauntingly from entering the Carnival and hearing the gate speaker, to the eventual running for ones life from the otherworldly powers.
      I will personally be listening to this and awaiting the next masterful work from Joseph Vargo. I suggest you go and get this then turn off all your lights and have a glass of wine.

Carnival of Lost Souls

Carnival of Lost Souls is a great album that offers multiple uses beyond the theme suggested by its title and a fine tribute to Ray Bradbury’s classic novel "Something Wicked This Way Comes." As always, the liner notes feature some great artwork and hidden puzzle. No matter what type of haunt setup you have planned, picking up this album will give you plenty of material to use over the years.

Listener Reviews

Carnival of Lost Souls5 Best Album

This is hands down their best album I love every single song. Just play from first track and enjoy!

Carnival of Lost Souls5 Story

This album, to me, tells a story. One finds oneself lost and alone, and you happen upon the remains of what must have been a carnival. It seems like people will be back in the morning, so you decide to spend the night riding all of the rides and going through all of the attractions without paying. You soon discover, however, that this carnival hasn't been occupied in years, and that the only remaining beings are spirits and shadows and dolls left with cracked faces. You continue as planned, however, and slowly, bit by bit, begin to enjoy what the carnival ruins have to offer. Realizing that the carnival is attempting to claim your soul as well, you try to flee - but it is too late, and your soul is now part of the carnival - the Carnival of Lost Souls.

Carnival of Lost Souls5 Enrapturing

Every one of Nox Arcana's albums manages to fuse beauty and darkness to create a rapturing sound that ensares all who dare listen...

Carnival of Lost Souls5 Wow

I just finished listening to it, it's amazing. Another truly wonderous work, and with some surprising vocals that are not in the older albums, while catching one by surprise at the same time, it just wouldn't feel right without them. It is definitely different, and as always Nox Arcana finished the album with a true finale. That's one of the things I love about this group, the last song on every album has this Grande Finale feel. It's really quite spectacular.

Carnival of Lost Souls5 Carnie Carnage

Every Halloween I am reminded why I purchased Nox Arcana! The Carnival of Lost Souls cd really adds the finishing touch to our evil carnies haunted house theme! Out of all the others we have tried... Nox Arcana really IS the best!

Carnival of Lost Souls5 Nox Arcana is a masterpiece!

I love Nox Arcana! This has to be one of their best albums!! Especially Circus Diabolique :)

Carnival of Lost Souls5 Carnival Of Lost Souls

I think listening to this in a dark room at night would really freak me out, its a good album i love it! You really can picture stuff going on when you listen to it and i find my mind wandering. Spooky!

Carnival of Lost Souls5 Awesome :)

This is so awsome!!! The fact that there are no vocals makes it even scarier! They are the second band I met that makes a carnival scary. And they do it even better!

Carnival of Lost Souls5 Amazing

I love them. My favorite songs are "Circus Diabolique" and "Pandora's Music Box."

Carnival of Lost Souls5 Haunting

Nox Arcana has managed to make something that is normaly considered happy and lots of fun into something that haunts nightmares. This is perhaps one of my favorite albums. Haunted Carousel, Living Dolls, Snake Chamer and Storm are in my opinion the best songs on this album.

Carnival of Lost Souls5 Carnival of Lost Souls

so sick its amazing

Carnival of Lost Souls5 The Real Carnival

I love this album! It evokes images of the carnival after dark. It explains why children are afraid of clowns, they know that the carnival can be the creepiest place, in spite of it's faux happy trappings.

Carnival of Lost Souls5 The Best!

Here is a review of the album: 1. Ghosts of the midway-3/5- cool but creepy intro to the album. 2. After Hours-5/5- one of the best songs on the album. 3. Harlequin's Lament- 3/5- its ok..... 4. Calliope-5/5- another great song 5. Madame Endora- 2/5- a little too short but its ok 6. Nightmare parade- 4/5- really good song 7. Shadows Fall-4/5- really cool song 8 Hall of mirrors-3/5- starts to sound really stupid after a while 9. Spellbound-2/5- this song is just plain weird... 10. Cries In the night-3/5- idk about this song....weird... 11. Soul Stealer-5/5- omg what a powerful song i love it! 12. Haunted Carousel-4/5- really sets the sound of a creepy carnival 13. Theatre of sorrows-4/5- makes you really feel like your in a theatre watching a musical or something 14. Living dolls-5/5- One of the best songs on here soo good i love it! A MUST HAVE! 15. Lost in the darkness-4/5- its ok i guess.... 16. Snake charmer-5/5- you have to get this song its soo catchy and sounds amazing! 17. Freaks-2/5- waste of offence ya! 18. Circus Diabolique-4/5- soo intense really good 19. Pandoras Music Box-5/5- the song that started it all for great song! 20. The Devil's Daggers-5/5- really good song very powerful 21. Storm-4/5- only problem is that its ALBUM ONLY really good ending to the album! I LOVE THIS ALBUM...IT IS A MUST HAVE FOR NOX ARCANA FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carnival of Lost Souls5 Perfect for.....

This entire CD would be absolutely perfect for the novel and movie Something Wicked This Way Comes! I can just see the carnival freaks moving around inthe shadows with Ghosts of the Midway in the background, or when Will and Jim sneak in... After Hours. Hall of Mirrors, Nightmare Parade, Calliope, Circus Diabolique, Storm and Haunted Carousel are all pretty self explanitory! Wonderful music!

Carnival of Lost Souls5 Masterpiece

I used this, along with some of Nox Arcana's other works, in a Halloween display I set up with a circus theme. This album really set the mood to a bizzare, surreal atmosphere. I plan to use them again for this years display. Great stuff, totally worth it!

Carnival of Lost Souls5 A Masterpiece!

Nox Arcana is one of my favorite Artists! They never fail to release masterpiece after masterpiece! Anyone who reads this review, trust me, they are great! The melodies, and haunting sounds make each album a true work of art! Bravo to William and Joseph for another grand album!

Carnival of Lost Souls5 Haunting imagination!

I can't say this was one of Nox Arcana's best because I love them all! How well the idea of a haunted carnival is captured in these (for lack of a better word) songs is amazing! Although so many of these melodies are completely different, I have to specially recommend "Theatre of Sarrows", "Circus Diabolique", Haunted Carousel" and "Storm"! I was quite surprised to find the awesom rock version of "Spellbound" at the end of "Storm."

Carnival of Lost Souls5 Your soul just wants to go to this carnival...

....after hearing these songs. Ah...beautiful "After Hours" "Pandora's Music Box" and "Snake Charmer". I feel like my soul was put into a trance after hearing these 3 songs...

Carnival of Lost Souls3 Haunting

This music is freakin awesome! the story is so cool and it's perfect music for Halloween!

Carnival of Lost Souls5 Simply Goth!

I love this album. The dynamics are great, the sound quality is great, and the tunes are also great. My favorite one is, "Calliope," and I also love, "Mightmare Parade," "Soul Stealer," and "The Devil's Daggers." This CD is a must buy!

Carnival of Lost Souls5 Freaky but AUSOME!!!

Listen to this: So my uncle picks up this CD for our huge Halloween party that we have every year and it so happens to be this one. Later that night I locked myself in my room with a few of my friends and turned out all the lights to see how long we could last. Immediately I hear the familiar sound of Haunted Carousel and then Living Dolls... Freaky but true, I had downloaded the same album two days previous on my ipod and my friend had turned it on...This album scares the heck out of me with its haunting tunes and extravagant visual sensory language. You can actually see this your head.

Carnival of Lost Souls5 Excellent

Nox Arcana delivers another gothic masterpiece! I'm a big fan of these guys.

Carnival of Lost Souls5 Awesome!

I must admit, this scares me. But you've go to love Nox Arcana, with their hauntingly addictive melodys. I think my soul's been lost to the carnival!

Carnival of Lost Souls5 They have done it again.

Carnival of Lost Souls is a masterpeice. Nox Arcana has proved once again it can create works of art while keeping their macabre sounds in style. If you have always enjoyed classical music, I hope you will enjoy Nox Arcana's ingenious music. I sure do.

Carnival of Lost Souls5 Nox Arcana does it again!

I can't believe it! Nox Arcana is so spectacular! Yay Nox Arcana!!!!!!!