Hidden Puzzles

For those who need a tip finding all the clues to solve the puzzles hidden within Nox Arcana CDs, Joseph offers a few helpful hints...

I began hiding puzzles in the CDs in 2006, starting with Blood Of The Dragon, which centered around a mythical quest to discover the Treasure of the Four Crowns. Since then, I've created hidden puzzles for the earlier albums and incorporated them into the new packaging. With the exception of the winter-themed albums, all of the Nox Arcana cds contain hidden puzzles. Because the Blood Of The Dragon quest was the first one, it's the only one that actually gives a clue as to where to find the hidden secrets. The clue can be found in the spoken lyrics of the song "Treasure of the Four Crowns."

The Lord of Shadows hath decreed
That none shall claim this prize,
Lest first the Sigil of the Four Crowns
Be gleaned by mortal eyes—
Beyond the blackest barrier,
Concealed behind his throne,
The sigil holds the cryptic key,
Etched in darkest stone—

The CD packaging is filled with artwork and cryptic designs, including a painting of The Shadow Lord sitting on a black throne. Clever puzzle-seekers will discover a hidden secret if they follow the clue in the lyrics. This same secret hiding place was used for all other CDs. The various albums contain a wide assortment of puzzles. While most of them are self-contained, a few hold references to codes, maps and classic literature. Although a puzzle was later added to the Carnival Of Lost Souls packaging, a subsequent reprint error omitted the puzzle. Because of this, we hereby provide the missing puzzle: