Season Of The Witch

Nox Arcana invites you on a musical journey into the shadowy realm of witchcraft with spellbinding melodies and wicked orchestrations to enchant the witching hour.

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Music written and performed by Joseph Vargo
Label: Monolith Graphics
21 tracks. 71 mins.
UPC: 859723080215
Release Date: 10-01-2017

Double, double, toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble...

All Hallow's Eve. Deep within the Haunted Forest, beyond the old gypsy camp, shadows gather in a place known as Raven's Hollow. Strange chants echo through the trees and join rhythmic drumming, summoning forth creatures of the night. No one enters these woods after dark, for this night begins the Season of the Witch. Nox Arcana invites you on a musical journey into the shadowy realm of witchcraft with spellbinding melodies and wicked orchestrations to enchant the witching hour.
       Joseph Vargo states, "Season of the Witch offers a mixture of witch lore ranging from Halloween tales and gypsy legends to grim fables, centering around the mysterious realm of Raven's Hollow. I created the concept for Raven's Hollow 20 years ago and have since incorporated it into The Dark Tower mythos as a place where witches gather to perform arcane rites. I have many friends who are practicing witches and I've always been intrigued by the concept of ancient ritual magick. This album explores the various aspects of the craft, both good and evil, with witches who are enchantingly beautiful as well as those who are very, very wicked."


Season of the WitchBroom riding in high style5

This album delivers and more. Great haunting music and sounds to get you in the mood for Halloween or other bewitching atmospheres.

Season of the WitchPerfect for Halloween5

"I was looking for a Halloween music CD, something different.This was perfect! It put me in the Halloween mood!"

Season of the WitchLove this album!!!5

This album is beautiful and dark I love the music and it makes you feel like you’re a Witch listening to this beautiful album!

Season of the WitchSeason Of The Witch5

Another excellent album Nox Arcana!

Season of the WitchOne of their BEST!5

Another excellent Mystical Score. Some great Choral additions. I raise my Wand to Nox Arcana.

Season of the WitchGreat sense of atmosphere and use of instrumentals5

I've been listening to Nox Arcana for quite a few years now. I have to say that my favorite part about the albums is their use of atmosphere. You don't need words from these CD's to tell you where they want you to be and the world it builds around you. Truly a haunting experience!

Season of the WitchHalloween Candy For The ears5

All Hallow's Eve is once again just around the corner, and the the maestros of the macabre have prepared a special treat to put into our bags. That treat is, of course: SEASON OF THE WITCH. The "candy" alluded to in this review's title is made up of a sweet blending of bells, guitar, strings, piano, percussion, choral voice, pipe organ, harp and other decadent touches.
       I'm tempted to call this CD a rich musical buffet. There's everything here in terms of mood to feast on. Power, menace, tender romanticism, melancholy beauty, and exotic mysticism It's all here. I've got a lot of personal favorites. If you seek "power", sink your teeth into gems like "Shadow Dance", "Sabbat Night", "Dark Powers", and "Witch Hunters" Of that "batch" "Shadow Dance" and "Witch Hunters" are my favored pair, but all are excellent. Read more...

Season of the WitchSeason of the Witch5

Nox Arcana's new "Season of the Witch" is THE soundtrack for the Halloween/Samhain season - the haunting melodies and enchanting musicianship evoke the crispness of the Autumn season as it tells the tale of the Dark Arts from pre-Christian times when this knowledge was honored for healing and protection qualities, to the insanity of the Inquisition, to the Arcane going underground, but still thriving and strong. This is an amazing album, mostly spectrally instrumental. I'm loving this album and highly recommend it. I have a feeling I'm going to be listening to this year round and not just as an autumnal treat. Read more...

Season of the WitchSeason Of The Witch is great for all seasons!5

I have been eagerly anticipating the release of the next Full-Length Nox Arcana CD Album, shortly after the release of 'Gothic'. Because the music and soundscapes are absolutely terrific with ALL of Nox Arcana's CD's, as well as their digital releases! And like some others have mentioned, I too, own every Full-Length Nox Arcana CD to date. And 'Season of the Witch' is yet, another great album to add to my Nox Arcana CD collection, and yours as well! Just listen to the available song samples here on amazon, and you will see what I am talking about. 'Season of the Witch' opens with the track 'The Witching Hour', which sets the mood for what awaits you on this spellbinding musical journey. Some of the standout tracks include "Witch Hunters", with powerful drums and mesmerising string arrangements, and "Dark Powers," with its haunting male and female vocals, and commanding strings. To the gentler "Autumn Dusk", with soft piano, and flowing melodic arrangements. Each track on this album is great, and each track successfully evokes the emotion it wants to, and seamlessly weaves together, to tell the story through music. And as with all previous Nox Arcana CD releases, 'Season of the Witch' showcases high quality production. I highly recommend picking up a copy to listen to and enjoy anytime! 'Season of the Witch' is Great For ALL Seasons!

Season of the WitchOne of Nox Arcana’s very best5

Joseph Vargo keeps topping himself - with the release of Nox Arcana's Season of the Witch, he delivers the definitive musical experience of witches, capturing their storybook appeal, their seductiveness and their sinister, primal, otherworldly power. The CD is a treasure trove of Old World-flavored music ranging from enchanting, introspective music box themes like "Unpleasant Dreams" to stirring, turbulent symphonic anthems like "Dark Powers." One of the most impressive tracks is "Witch Hunters," in which pounding drums and swirling strings create an elegant, enthralling dance-like melody that feels like an homage to the Old World dances of Dvorak and other classical composers. Another superb track is the lovely, understated "Path of No Return," a guitar-dominated song that creates both a feeling of wistfulness and an eerie sense of unease, making the listener feel as if he/she is entering some forbidden place from which there is no escape. And throughout the CD are the unsettling incantations of witches, the piercing cries of ravens, the bubbling of cauldrons and ominous choirs chanting and summoning powers beyond imagination. "Season of the Witch" is such a polished, impressive musical soundscape that it will satisfy goth fans, horror fans, wiccans and everyone in between. As a bonus, Vargo's beautiful artwork provides a visual feast - the cover is reminiscent of lavishly illustrated storybooks from bygone times. Very highly recommended.

Season of the WitchTruly Bewitching5

I have really been looking forward to this new installment from this Haunt music powerhouse and they certainly did not disappoint. From the beautifully Haunting "Autumn Dusk" to the creepy "Haunted Forest" and on to the nightmarish "Unpleasant dreams" this latest endeavor from Nox Arcana is a bewitching addition to their discography of amazing soundscapes! Just in time for the Halloween it will surely put a spell on you!

Season of the WitchBell, Book & Candle...and another enchanting offering from Nox Arcana5

Nox Arcana has crafted a spellbinding musical experience layered in magick and mystery. The story set within each composition, along with the luscious and deeply symbolic imagery Joseph Vargo is renowned for, does just service in evoking and honoring the darker aspects of the Way of the Witch.

Season of the Witch 5 Unique and entrancing, this is a five-star album

In Season of the Witch we see the powerful and dangerous people, the warlocks, the witch hunters, and of course the witches themselves.  In telling the stories of these characters, Vargo provides us with a spellbinding listening experience. I would argue this is one of Nox Arcana’s best albums. I have no doubt it will become a classic. Powerful songs, unique takes on classic witch iconography, and fully atmospheric, Season of the Witch is a must for anyone who is a fan of gothic music or Nox Arcana. Unique and entrancing, this is a five-star album. Read more...

Season of the Witch 5 A sonic grimoire... meet Me at Raven's Hollow

Perfectly hellmarked Friday the 13th, upon the hallowinds comes forth to The Haunted Noctuary... We are greeted by Mother Halloween and Sister Witch to meet and gather 'round the earthen bones through the darkness unto the bonefire amidst skeletal trees, 'neath the glowing harvest moon of Hecate. Each opus absolutely fulfills the triple 666 stancheons of Malefick Musick considerations... Read more...

Season of the Witch 5 Perfect for setting the mood...

It has been a while since I delved into the world of Nox Arcana. The funny thing is that once this latest release started to play, it was like slipping on an old jacket... it just fits perfectly. It also helped that this is the perfect season to be listening to it as well.
       For their latest release, they take us on a journey into the history of witches as we enter the realm of the Raven's Hollow, a mysterious place where witches dwell and cast their spells. There are plenty of fascinating melodies that they have created here, filling your ears with a gothic sound of the season. I've always found that is one of the best parts of Nox Arcana's work, that they are not overly creepy music, but have themes that offer a wide variety of melodies and emotions. Some bring out a creepiness, while others are actually quite peaceful and serene.
       This music is perfect in the background as you read, write, paint, or work on your latest spell, but it is perfect for setting the mood for an evening, no matter what dark arts you might be working on. Then again, that could said for any of Nox Arcana's releases! If you're not familiar with their work, then I strongly suggest you start. But careful, once they get their hooks into you, there will be no turning back…not that you'll want to!