Blood of Angels Blood of Angels
Michelle Belanger
and Nox Arcana

1. Ligeia's Lament
2. Children of Heaven
3. Bitter Ashes
4. Ella Sheena
5. Angels Are Weeping
6. Widow's Walk
7. Forlorn
8. Blood of Angels
9. Children of Heaven (club mix)

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The haunting and versatile soprano voice of Michelle Belanger creates a wicked alchemy with the brooding and atmospheric orchestrations that have made Nox Arcana renowned in the realm of Gothic music. Timeless lyrics weave through rich layers of melody, telling stories of lost love and forbidden passion, drawing upon the ancient myth of Watcher Angels who abandoned Heaven for a taste of mortal love.

Music by Joseph Vargo and William Piotrowski. (9 tracks.41 mins.)