Blood of Angels

Haunting music and songs of forbidden passion based upon the ancient myth of Watcher Angels.

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Additional Info:
Lyrics and vocals by Michelle Belanger
Music by Joseph Vargo and William Piotrowski
Label: Monolith Graphics
9 tracks. 41 mins.
UPC: 808817001520
Release Date: 10-13-2006

A wicked alchemy...

The haunting and versatile soprano voice of Michelle Belanger creates a wicked alchemy with the brooding and atmospheric orchestrations that have made Nox Arcana renowned in the realm of Gothic music. Timeless lyrics weave through rich layers of melody, telling stories of lost love and forbidden passion, drawing upon the ancient myth of Watcher Angels who abandoned Heaven for a taste of mortal love.


An ageless, timeless feel to the plight of the Watcher Angels
Flames Rising

This is a remarkable debut!
Side-Line Magazine

Dead Can Dance, Loreena McKennitt, Kari Rueslatten come to mind showing that Michelle is an extremely talented singer. One of the most climatic albums of the year.
Music Extreme

In the past, noted author and gothic personality Michelle Belanger has utilized her beautiful operatic voice to perform as a guest vocalist for the bands Nox Arcana and Urn. Now, with the release of her debut solo album Blood of Angels, Michelle steps into the spotlight, re-teaming with Joseph Vargo and William Piotrowski to create an eclectic assortment of dark melodies and moving ballads. Belanger’s ethereal vocals blend with piano, harpsichord and violins to produce haunting works. The mystical invocations of "Ella Sheena" are complimented by hypnotic Middle-Eastern rhythms reminiscent of Dead Can Dance. The title track, "Blood of Angels" is a powerfully orchestrated epic with an ominous choirs of layered chanting that features Belanger’s amazing four-octave range, while the final track offers a seductive and catchy dance mix of the Enochian opus "Children of Heaven." Blood of Angels is a captivating debut that allows Belanger to spread her musical wings and take flight through the darkened heavens.
Camille Ambrose, Dark Realms

Michelle Belanger is a consummate artist, she's an accomplished author best known for her writing in the book, Psychic Vampire Codex, and she's also one of the founders of the House Of Kheperu, so I'm not surprised to see her doing well in music. On her newest release, Blood of Angels, Belanger seemingly goes for it all in tapping the legendary Goth masterminds Nox Arcana to paint the tapestry to her lyrics.
      Lyrically, Blood of Angels speaks multitudes of mythology and ancient folklore as it's written entirely about the Watcher Angels who left heaven for mortal love. Each of the nine tracks is a journey through the eyes of forbidden lovers who fear nothing except not knowing true love. It's a spinetingling thrillride that opens the doors of the darkest desires of man and angels. Outside of all these enchanting lyrics, Nox Arcana weaves a luxurious soundscape in which one can become lost for all of eternity. Belanger's vocals are extravagant, she has a beautiful Soprano voice that could only be compared with artists like Loreena Mckennitt and Enya.
      If you're looking to venture into a disc that has a fabulous storyline and incredible musicianship, Blood of Angels is an excellent choice. With this disc you get the best of both worlds, as it could be passed off as a New Age release as well as a Gothic Masterpiece.
Black Angel Productions