Blackthorn Asylum
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1. Legacy of Darkness
2. Blackthorn Asylum
3. Sanitarium Gates
4. Abandoned
5. Threshold of Madness
6. Tapestry of Decay
7. Hidden Horrors
8. When Darkness Falls
9. Shock Treatment
10. Fractured Memories
11. Phantasmagoria
12. Creeper
13. Sanity Slipping
14. Dementia 13
15. Solitary Confinement
16. Frenzy
17. The Condemned
18. Spiders in the Attic
19. From Beyond
20. Essence of Evil
21. Fade to Black
*  Sample Medley

Venture beyond the threshold of madness.

Dare to explore the shadows of a forsaken sanitarium that is haunted by the souls of the dead. High upon the rocky cliffs overlooking the Miskatonic River, the hollow edifice of Blackthorn Asylum stands as a bleak monument to the horrors that once lurked within its desolate halls. Originally built as a sanitarium for the criminally insane, the asylum gained a grim reputation after dark rumors began to spread throughout the area. Whispered tales told of horrible experiments conducted upon Blackthorn's most violent and deranged psychopaths in an attempt to extract the essence of evil.      
      Over the decades, the torments inflicted upon the inmates resulted in unlocking the demons from their minds, but as a horrific consequence, the tortuous experimentation also unleashed the vile malediction that now infests the abandoned corridors.
      This sinister soundscape offers an interactive murder mystery, with ghostly melodies, pulse-pounding orchestrations and spine-chilling sound effects to set a dark, nightmarish mood.


Music composed and performed by Joseph Vargo. (21 tracks. 64 mins.)

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