Darklore Manor
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1. Legend
2. Darklore Manor
3. Threshold of the Dead
4. Trespassers
5. Veil of Darkness
6. Sanctuary of Shadows
7. The Grande Hall
8. Remnants
9. Phantom Procession
10. Belladonna
11. Nursery Rhyme
12. Music Box
13. The Forgotten
14. Nightmare
15. No Rest for the Wicked
16. Omen
17. Seance
18. Beyond Midnight
19. Darkness Immortal
20. Incantation
21. Resurrected

Enter Darklore Manor and embark on a musical journey throughout the haunted halls of a gothic mansion.

Nox Arcana invites listeners to embark on a musical journey throughout a legendary haunted mansion with a dark and sinister history—a place where creatures of the night lurk in shadows and ghostly sounds echo through its unhallowed halls.
      The concept of the album, which is based on the tales of a real haunted Victorian mansion near Salem, Mass., centers around the mysterious deaths of its original owners, the Darklore family, the curse that yet lingers there among the ruins, and the later disappearance of three teenagers who set out to hold a séance in the house on Halloween night several years ago. Reminiscent of Shirley Jackson's "The Haunting of Hill House," this ghostly tale delivers all the elements of a classic horror film—an old mansion with a dark history, a cursed bloodline, tales of black magic and vengeful spirits of the dead—brought to life through ominous music and eerie sound effects.
      This gothic soundscape of haunting melodies, ghostly voices, Latin chants, and foreboding orchestrations creates the perfect dark atmosphere.


Music by Joseph Vargo and William Piotrowski. (21 tracks. 51 mins.)

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