Theater of Illusion

Enter a realm of magic and mystery, and discover the dark secrets that lie in wait beyond the veil of shadows.

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Additional Info:
Music written and performed by Joseph Vargo.
Label: Monolith Graphics
21 tracks. 67 mins.
UPC: 884502652789
Release Date: 07-15-2010


Welcome to the Theater of Illusion, the legendary stage of magic hidden beyond the threshold of dreams and nightmares. Behold mystifying acts performed by phantom magicians and discover the dark secrets that lie in wait beyond the veil of shadows.
      Nox Arcana invites you to enter a realm of magic and dark fantasy and immerse yourself in a soundscape of haunting melodies, mystical rhythms and pulse-pounding orchestrations. The setting is an old Vaudeville theater, hidden from the outside world, where master magicians gather to display their talents every Halloween night.
      The music ranges from haunting piano and harpsichord melodies with music box chimes to dramatic orchestrations accented by gothic choirs and pipe organ to create a darkly exotic, mystical and spellbinding atmosphere.


Dreams and nightmares come alive with Vargo’s imagery of Vaudeville magicians, inspired by the magickal legacies of Crowley, H.P. Lovecraft, Levi, Gardner and other dabblers of the dark arts infused with illusionary techniques of light, dark, mirrors, smoke and glass. Theater of Illusion is the perfect Halloween CD gift for aficionados of magic, illusion, dark entertainment and meditation. 'Tis the season to give the gift of fear.
Metal Maven

Theater of Illusion is filled with haunting melodies, eerie narrations, and splendid artistry. A pleasure as always, an elegant presentation, diabolically decorated to please the senses, and an ideal atmospheric accent to open the gates and manifest those specters from the threshold of time and space.
Draconis Blackthorne, Fangoria

It should be no surprise that Nox Arcana is a popular source of music for professional illusionists. Magicians want music that will keep their audience on the edges of their seats and Nox Arcana really delivers on their latest release, Theater of Illusion, the band's tribute to all things mystical. Most of the tracks on the cd are pulse-pounders with a lot of drive, build and tension, but there are several slower tracks filled with darkness and emotional grip. Toning down the malevolence and threat presence that permeated many of the band's other works, such as Blackthorn Asylum, this time Vargo opts for mystery over menace, but the drama, emotion and dark grandeur that personify Nox Arcana are in top form here. For background ambience in a magic show, music that will put your haunt guests on edge, or just some awesome dark tunes from the masters of the art, Theater of Illusion is a definite keeper.

If you're into the music and art of Nox Arcana then you should already know what to except just by observing the title and cover art of the band's latest cd, Theater of Illusion. This cd truly opens the gates of the mystical and obscure arts, allowing glimpses of a spellbinding nocturnal realm. Listening to this cd, you will enter the domain of shadows, feel the hypnotic effect of obscure and dark energies, and travel to mysterious realms of existence. The music is quite haunting, yet it also has several dramatic moments. Piano and symphonic orchestrations are accompanied by enchanting yet malicious female choirs and voices which float in the background. The 21 tracks balance the serene and the dynamic, creating an eerie atmosphere that is perfectly suiting for their theme. The music changes as we step from one track to another. Tracks such as ''Necromancer," "Voodoo," "Smoke and Mirrors," "Sinister Cabaret" and "Lord of Illusions" deliver the most dramatic impact. I am truly amazed, but I don't know exactly how Joseph Vargo always captures the perfect atmosphere for each individual track and musical theme, but he is definitely the master of his art! The booklet and entire layout is classic Nox Arcana, perfectly reflecting the mystical atmosphere of the album. In my humble opinion I think that Theater of Illusion is one of the most haunting and sinister albums by Nox Arcana and it could easily stand as the darkest jewel in the band's trophy shelf!
Metal Sound Magazine

Joseph Vargo is a master of creating interesting melodies and arrangements within his chosen musical vernacular. This time the concept (all these albums have a theme to them) is about magic, the art form. I heartily recommend this disc, as I recommend all the albums from Nox Arcana.
Music Street Journal